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HIV is a serious and recurring disease which can't be cured through drugs or injections by the American doctors but the best way to deal with HIV is by taking natural herbs medicine for it and is only few American doctors that know about this herbal medicine from Doctor Benson. I have read about Dr Benson the great herbal doctor from African who can cure HIV with his powerful herbal medicine. for the people n suffering from the following diseases HIV, Herpes, Cancer, ALS, Hepatitis, Diabetes, HPV, Infections ETC should contact him for his herbal medicine because i am a living testimony and i was cured of HIV. Although, i sent him what he requested and he sent me his medicine which i took for three weeks and today when i went for test i was tested HIV negative. you can reach him through his email on( you can also whats-app/call him through his number(+2348141972381)
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Hi !

I'm here to testify about what DR. Omobaba did for my co workers Wife, She has been suffering from (GENITAL HERPES VIRUS) disease for the past 5 years and had constant pain and inching, especially in her private part. During the first year, she had faith in God that she would be cured someday.This disease started circulating all over her body and she have been taking treatment from my doctor, few weeks ago she came across a testimony of Rose Smith on the internet testifying about a Man called DR. Omobaba, on how he cured her from HSV 2. And she also gave the email address of this man and advise anybody to contact him for help for any kind of diseases that he would be of help, so she emailed him telling him about her (HSV 2) he told her not to worry that she was going to be cured!! Well, she never doubted him she have faith he can cure her too,, DR. Omobaba prepared and sent her Healing Oil, Soap, roots and herbs which she took. In the first one week, she started experiencing changes all over her, after four weeks of taking his Roots/ Herbs, Oil and Soap, she was totally cured. no more inching , pain on me anymore as DR. omobaba assured her. After some time she went to her doctor to do another test behold the result came out negative. So friends my advise is if you have such disease or know anyone who suffers from it or any other disease like HPV, HBV, HIV, ALS, HBP, CANCER etc. you can contact DR. Omobaba for help via email} call/whatsaap him through his mobile} +2348071887343.or call him +2348071887343.Thanks once again DR.omobaba for making her a happy woman again.
my name is Morgan from England, I want to thank Dr JANGGI for helping me Getting Rid of my HELPES/ HIV VIRUS.etc I was Diagnosed of this Virus for 3 years but after the Usage of Dr JANGGI Herbal Medicine, I was Cured and up till now, The Symptoms of the HIV Virus is completely Gone.. So anyone who wants to reach Dr JANGGI should do that by emailing him DRJANGGIHERBALCURE@GMAIL.COM or whatsApp call him +2349032641288).God we Bless You
How can I explain this to the world that there is a man who can cure
HERPES, I was diagnosed for the past 2years I have being into HERPES drug
since then,so I decide

to look for help in the internet then I found this man post write about
this great man calld Dr OMOHAN telling people about him that this man have
a cured to HERPES I

don’t believe that because all I have in mind is HERPES had no cure, thank
god for my life today am HERPES negative through the power of OMOHAN , I
contacted this man

for help because who write about him drop an email of the man I pick the
email and emailed him for the cure this man told me what to do about the
cure well am from

Australia this man cast a curing spell on me and he told me that he will
call me after the cure is done truly he did I was cured , what a wonderful
man is this , if

you need his cured just email him now on (

or whatsapp( +2348164816038 )thank you DR i will never stop shearing you

4. ALS
4. Diseases of the heart
5. Malignant tumors
6. Cerebrovascular diseases
6. Diabetes mellitus
7. Influenza and pneumonia
8. Alzheimer’s disease
9. Nephritis, nephrotic syndrome, and nephrosis
10.Septicemia (blood poisoning)
11 Chronic liver disease and cirrhosis 1.1
12.Primary hypertension and hypertensive renal disease
13.Parkinson’s disease (tied)
14.Homicide (tied)
15.If you need LOVESPELL. E.T.C
my name is Morgan from England, I want to thank Dr JANGGI for helping me Getting Rid of my HELPES/ HIV VIRUS.etc I was Diagnosed of this Virus for 3 years but after the Usage of Dr JANGGI Herbal Medicine, I was Cured and up till now, The Symptoms of the HIV Virus is completely Gone.. So anyone who wants to reach Dr JANGGI should do that by emailing him DRJANGGIHERBALCURE@GMAIL.COM or whatsApp call him +2349032641288).God we Bless You
I am diana from USA I Never believed i was
ever going to be HIV Negative again,Dr janggi 7
has given me reasons to be happy, i was HIV
positive for 2 years and all the means i tried for
treatment was not helpful to me, but when i
came on the Internet i saw great testimony
about Dr janggi on how he was able to cure
someone from HIV, this person said great things
about this man, and advice we contact him for
any Disease problem that Dr janggi can be of
help, well i decided to give him a try, he
requested for my information which i sent to
him, and he told me he was going to prepare
for me a healing portion, which he wanted me
to take for days, and after which i should go
back to the hospital for check up, well after
taking all the treatment sent to me by Dr janggi i
went back to the Hospital for check up, and now
i have been confirmed HIV Negative, friends you
can reach Dr janggi on any treatment for any
Disease he is the one only i can show you all up
to, reach him on Dr janggi his email.......... drjanggiherbalcure@gmail,com or whatspp him here...+2349032641288
My name is fred from Spain, i happy living with it, and i went into research on how i can get cured for HIV, i contacted a lot of spell casters and they were unable to cure me. On a blessed day a friend of mine introduce me to a man that cured him, i was afraid to contact because of my past experience but i decided to give him a trial, so when i contacted him, he assure me that he will help me and i told him that many spell casters has also told me this but they all tay, he told me not to worry that he is going to help me, So i believe in him because all i wanted was to be cured, so he prepared a healing spell for me which i used for 4 days, i went to the hospital for test the 5th day and came back happily. The test stated that i was cured from the disease.. This gladdens my heart and everybody in the hospital was surprise want to appreciate Dr.toto the powerful spell caster that cured me from HIV AIDS. i was very happy even the Medical Doctor, So viewers Dr.toto is sent by God to deliver his people. For any kind of disease you can contact him through his email on ( add him on whatsapp +2349032641288 thank to the charles that help me to cure my HIV. Thank you Doctor......
.!........ Am CATHERINE from usa i and my husband got cured of our Hiv by

this great man Dr JANGGI So I testify To the general public, Dr JANGGI is a

herbal doctor from west end of Africa specialized in curing diseases of any

kind with roots and herbs inherited from his fore--fathers,,who has cured

people from both home and Abroad...... He can cure sicknesses like .. Hiv

,Aids ,Tuberculosis ,Cancer ,Tumor of any kind ,high blood pressure

,infection of any kind ,low sperm count , poor ejaculation ,ulcer ,arthritis

,diarrhea ,mental illness ,myopia ,mixed connective tissue disorder ,heart

and lungs disease ,stroke ,disc degeneration ,myogemic stiffness

.......e.t.c..he also help in marriage issues like bringing back your ex

boyfriend or husband ....he helps in winning court cases as well.... Contact

him today for the solution to your sickness ......
Whatsapp/call :: +2349032641288
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Hi Everyone here in this forum, I am here to share with you all about how Dr JOHN who was able to cure me from HIV with his Herbal Medicine, Been with HIV is something someone is never comfortable with, I was tested and confirmed HIV positive few years ago and i was taking medical treatment from my Doctor, some time back now while i was on the Internet i saw different amazing testimonies concerning Dr JOHN on how he has healed people from various sickness, someone also testified about how he was cured from Diabetics with the Help of Dr JOHN Herbal Herbs Medicine, they gave his personal information and advice anyone to contact him that he also help in all kinds of STD AND STI Diseases if you need his help, i took the email address of Dr JOHN and i sent him a message regarding my Problem and how he could possibly help me out, He responded to me and told me to have the faith and believe in God, Dr JOHN told me that he was going to prepare some Herbs for me which i am to take for some time as my medication, he told me the procedures and i agreed to it, after some days of communicating with Dr JOHN he actually sent me a package and he gave me the tracking number to my package, he gave me prescription on how i am to use the Medicine,after taking Dr JOHN Herbal Medicine i went back to my Doctor for another test and to my greatest surprise my result turned out Negative, and i still did not believed it i went to other hospitals for another test and the result still remain Negative, today i am so happy and living with my family as my health is back again, you can reach Dr JOHN for any problem or sickness his Herbal Medicine has it all as your solution, reach him on ( or call his telephone number Or whats-app +2347064365391 God Bless you Doc for your good Work in my Life.
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i was taking some anti-HIV drugs to keep me stable of not dieting, i saw several testimonies that people gave concerning how a man call Dr JOHN heal there HIV/AIDS, i contacted him to help me and he told me to get some spiritual items, i did according to what he ask me and he woke me up about 11:59 and cast the healing spell and send me something to used, two days later he told me to diagnose my self again in any hospital, i went to different hospitals and the all gave me the same result that i,m HIV/AIDS negative. this man is really the best healer you can think of my mouth is full of testimony, what the doctors and the rest can not cure he cured it. is so real. you can contact Dr JOHN via: call him on +2347064365391
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